Hiroshima, mon amour


Hiroshima, mon amour is the movie depicting the crisscrossing relationship between a French actress who visited Japan for shooting a movie about Hiroshima, and a Japanese architect who met her by an accident. The director is Alain Resnais, of L'Ann?e derni?re ? Marienbad (Last Year in Marienbad) and the original story and the screenplay is Marguerite Duras of "L'Amant."

The accidental rendezvous of a man and a women, who would have never known each other without the war and Hiroshima--a French actress is captivated by Hiroshima atomic bombing, and a Japanese architect is captivated by the French actress who sank into a meditation radiating a shady aura. He desires her. And she also wanted a warmth of someone for the night to shrug off the solitude by being far away from home. Unlike the typical, traditional Japanese platonic relationship, the connection between those two was a physical affair, which describes the lost tradition and customes of Japan, while the particular atmospher of "Hiroshima" and its background story gradually narrowed the gap between them--at the beginning.

However, as the movie develops, the balanced distance between them begins to loose its edge.
The actress had a past of being accused of adultery with a German soldier during the war. The untold story of the past that deepened the scar and the loneliness was reminded by the landscape of Hiroshima, which also received strong and deep scars. She is now a married woman, but being away from home, the solitude and the background of Hiroshima made her remember such memories and overlap them with the past scars of Hiroshima. Although she had never told it even to her husband, she now is looking for something that fulfills her empty mind by telling her hidden past to a stranger in foreign land of Hiroshima.

However, she also felt that there is a gap between who she is and what he wants to see in her--or just what he wants in this physical relationship. Knowing that gap, she can not accept him any longer. It might be because she saw what he wants--he just wants a special occaision with an exotic background--probably. That simply widen the gap between who and how she is--who trembles in front of Hiroshima and her own past--might become a single element of exotic aura for him. Even so, both needs each other.

Does the existing body and mind of this moment suggest and reveal the hidden, past memories? And can someone other than yourself accept how you are made up of all these? He says to her, "you did not see anything here in Hiroshima." Is that his denial of accepting her changing mind influenced by Hiroshima? Then there is a desperate gap between those two minds, further deepened by the aftermath of the war. The gap among people are wide after all, but war could even widen both physical and spiritual distance. The two minds seem to crisscross each other, while their bodies meet each other--but they never close the gap between them. In this movie, she is the only one who realize the unreachable distance. Through the background of war and the relationship between a man and a woman, the movie describes the existence of oneself and his/her relationship with an/other.
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