Trip to Central Asia 1. Kyrgyzstan

I recently visited the project sites in Kyrgyzstan and Tadzhikistan for the first time. This time I will introduce the town of Naryn, located East of Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan is located South of Kazakhstan and facing to China on its South-East side. It was once the important point of Silk Road, which went separately to Tadzhikistan for the South road and this Kyrgyzstan for the North road, to go around Tian Shan mountain ranges and Pamir Plateau.
One of the project sites that I visited this time, the town of Naryn, is located at the middle of Kyrgyzstan, with the population of 30,000 people. The town spreads along with Naryn River, but its access is only through the chain of mountains from the capital city of Bishkek, which goes as high as 7000m. This is the country of tall mountains and high altitude plataue. 20061108214432.jpg

As soon as we frew over by a helicopter, we were just overwhelmed by the towering, chain of mountains. The mountains with snow on the peak, and the rouch curved mountain surface which has been transformed slowly but steadily, made me think that the Earth is still an unreachable, bold existence to our human beings. It took my breath away--and I kept looking outside of the window of that small helicopter.

Various forms of the surface of the earth. The beauty of coincidents, without any reward.

At the project site, we face to the huge red rocky mountain. Naryn river flows constantly with the clear water from the tall mountain glacier in blue-green color.


Behind the red mountain is the sandy mountain instead with wide open plateau on its skirt.
One thing that struck me was that there are many trees in the town. If there are people living, there are always trees planted around the living environment. Especially aspen trees are seen all the way along with street, reaching even outside of the town. The trees were breathtakingly beautifu with colored leaves against the sandy mountain surface--it is telling that the harsh winter is near.

Cows and horses are wandering around the town streets.
People told me that it was a lost decade in 1990s after the Soviet Union has left the area. However, the biggest population of the town seems to be those young people as it might symbolize the growing and developing country--and their faces and voices are bright in hope for the future. Even though they realize the transformation of the society and the way of living, they naturally find and accept the way of life, which has been constantly kept within the relationship with the majestic nature. The simple and natural existence of people, cows, sheeps, horses--yet they strongly tell the meaning of our existence.


Many of the people in town seems to be the descendants of Mongolian people. They welcomed us as they might feel accessible from our look.

There are some stones on the ground with curved surface telling the lives of ancient people. The lives that can be imagined seem to be similar to what I was looking at.

And yet we visitors tend to feel the smallness of our existence, as we are accustomed to the economical wealth, living in the artificial concrete mountain of the city. It might be our karma.

The next edition will be the visit to Tadzhikistan.

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