Itaro Carvino "Invisible Cities" I

City and memories 3 Zaira

"----to illustrate what is Zaira today includes all the past of Zaira. However, a city does not speak out of its past, its history is hidden and wirtten on every single segments such as a curb stone, a grating of a window, a handrail of a staircase, a lightning rod, a pole of a flag like lines on a palm---and even on the scrabbles, saw marks, chisel marks, hammered marks on them"

The iron age of Manhattan is left in SOHO. The lined up iron rivets lusted and dulled shows a different kind of beauty from 'refinement.' Those hand blown old glass windows were reflecting distorted images as if they were showing the different images of the city

The window frame painted over and over is again peeling off. It frames a different time and space inside from the one outside where I stand. Countless number of niches to connect this side and that side are scattered around in the city

City and desire 2 Anastasia

"----A city exists just as a whole, and I think that any kind of deisre should not be lost as we form the part of those desires. Even if we are not participating but the city is blessed with those desires, only thing we can do is to be satisfied with those desires as habitats. A delucive city of Anastasia provides such power, the power which can become damned or blessed one. If we become workers to curve out Lapis lazuli or bead or jade and work eight hours a day, this laber that gives form to desire comes from desire, and if we believe we can receive satisfaction from the whole of Anastasia, the reality is that we are just the slaves of Anastasia"

An art installation alongside of a SOHO street. The contrast between the iron lines that dicipates in bright light and the lines dimmly illuminated in shadow made me dizzy and took me into a daydream

Antique clocks captured in a showcase. They have clocked different times for different owners, but now they all show the flow of time overwrapping each other

City and sinage 1 Tamara

"-----finally the journey reached to the city of Tamara, and we go into the street with jumbling sinage on the walls of the houses. Our eyes don't see the object, but the figure of what it means....even if the building does not have sinage or images, its building shape or the position within the order of the city functions the same. Such as an istana, a confine, a mint bureau, a brothel, etc...Even those merchandises sold on the high pitch are not showing the objects themselves but have the values as indications of something else. A framed girdle with needleworks means grace, and a gilded silk drapery means power, a liber of Averoes means wisdom, an anklet wrapped around means unbridled.
Peopel come out of Tamara without knowing what kind of city is there, and what it hides and conseals under the elaborate sinages and figures. Outside of the city spreads out the terrene to the horizen, with wide open sky with floating clouds. Peopel are already absorbed in reading the shape of the clouds produced by chance and wind, trying to see the figure one after another----'that is a sailboat, and that is a hand, and that is an elephant'....."

Those images growing up into the sky without any interruption seem to be like mirage
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