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Kathy's blog introduced me a project developing an interactive graphical interface at New York University. This is a great project, so check it out with the research site and a video clip.

http://mrl.nyu.edu/~jhan/ftirtouch/Multi-Touch Interaction ResearchーGraphical interaction surface

Recently Apple Computer acquired a patent for the computer interface with a touch screen. This news spreads quickly on the internet because there is a speculation about the new video iPod to be released with a large touch screen with a graphical interface rather than the mechanical one that today's iPods are equiped. Or, the new iPod might function as PDA also--there is a rumor that Apple might acquire Palm, co.

It is not known that this research at New York University to develop an interface to manipulate visual images on a screen either photos or videos. User can use various movements of hands and fingers to control the contents and the operation of the computer.

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Touch screen display itself is not something new, that everyone uses it in daily life at a bank ATM or a bending machine. However, the computer operation is still too complex for dealing with various tasks and software, so we operate computer with some limited method. Now there are many input devices such as keyboard, mouse, trackball, tablet or stylus, etc. Keyboard was the first input device to type in command to operate computer, then a revolutionally mouse came out. Since then, mouse is the standard device to control most of the computer combined with the operating system developed for using mouse.

Now this mouse is typical and not extraordinally thing. Along with the Macintosh operating system that Apple developed, mouse became a popular device for its ease of use and the simple, elegant visual interface that overcame the complexity of computer operation.

However, the tasks that a computer is required to do is getting more complex than ever, and to operate all those tasks through this interface, it is getting less intuitive and elegant. The first time I used Macintosh---using mouse was a new, exciting, fun experience that was also easy to understand even for the novice. That excitment is gone now--is it because mouse became so typical? Maybe that is not the only reason, I guess.

What the computer does is very complex nowadays, and we can not feel directly that we are manipulating highly transformed digital data. I touched with a painting by Gerhard Richter, "4096 colors" last day, but the notion of colors, or the perception of light and then the "meaning of seeing" was deepened by introducing the concept of digitizing (4096 colors mean 8 bit of color information)
The interesting point of this project is that it also suggests the reinterpretation of visual data, or in other words, the visualization of digitized data to investigate the reason of using digital data and the possibility of utilizing it to our thinking process. In addition, by using the larger part of our body for a dynamic operation while the delicate operation can be done through the slight movement of hands and fingers--it also suggests the reinterpretation of the relationship between body and mind--perception of body and the recognition of mind.

I hope it becomes real....
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