In memory of Nam June Pike

I received a sad news that Nam June Pike was passed away two days ago.

He crushed the unframed past and current onto the overflowing visual images, and he kept playing a harmonic and dissonant voices within the expansive time that's passing. Inside the prepared setup, he kept producing the fructuating pulse of life.

Image-video-replay-harmony-dissonance-awakening-remembering. In front of the ever expanding and powering external record storage, he kept finding the cut up fragments of memories at the shore of sub-consciousness. We face the waves of memories from within ourselves. We try to receive it, filter it, bounce it off, or speaks out with uncertainty and insecurity. But soon it becomes the flow of memory out from our mind, the pulse of visions revived the video monitor and awaken the hidden voices. His body as a media to ensemble pieces dissipates into the swirl of electric beams, the sound of images continued to glistened. Today, the virtual void appears anywhere in the space. He might have continued to uncover the opening that hides behind the brilliance.

On my graduation day at Parsons school, he suddenly showed up.
He came out from the stage side by a wheelchair, as he suffered from stroke, and he received the title of a honorary professor. Within the waves of feverish excitment of students, he seemed to raise his hand slightly to us without a word.

The scene just comes back to my mind.

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