Ground Zero proposal~4th year~

It has been about 3years since the project plan by Daniel Libeskind was selected as the winner for Ground Zero rebuilding program competition.

Libeskind's plan was highly received with great hope in order to rebuild and reinvent World Trade Center, while the interest in how the project would be carried out in terms of its memorial and histlrical aspect of this project was still in focus. His plan, centered around the memorial tower named "Freedom Tower" with the hight of 1776 feet had much stronger will to grasp the future vision, compared to those banal plans submitted right after the terrorist attack.

Early plans of Ground Zero. The plan is just based on the typological variations of existing New York skylines, and those plan don't have the power and sensitibity to commemorate the memory of the event. Those banal plans were denied by New York City authority and the city ordered to start over the competition.

The second competition was open to more international architects. Ground Zero project is not just the local them of New York and the US but global concern to fight back against terror through culture and community. Thus the participation of larger, wider variety of people with more diverse plans is the key itself for the future of Ground Zero. Can architecture be the useful language to the approach toward memories of Ground Zero and the vision and hope to the future?

I will investigate through the concept presented by Daniel Libeskind, and some other plans developed by participants.

The selected plan by Daniel Libeskind. This plan has been greatly modified and the original concept does not appear to be present.
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