Dream of the 'Iron Age'

The period of America, when it was called the "nation of freedom," came to fruitation as New York city, with the dreams of immigrants and the construction of unseen urban city of steel and skyscrapers. New York is the product of modernist dreams, and it is not just a single city in the US, but an independent, global city across the world.

The entrance of Empire State Building

It can be said that iron age of America was a youthful and spirited period of time for the hopes for new future, even if it was immature and poor. New York skyscrapers are the forms of those future hopes built up to the untouched sky. Battered European immigrants accepted to America of a new frontier, received new energy from the chaotic but rapidly developing New York, and such hope and energy grew to skyward, or spread wide with iron railroads to all over the continent. New York is not just the result of concentrating power and fortune, but the crystalization of the thounsands of lives with no names.

New York Life building

It tends to be recognized that Art Deco of the US is not significantly important in the course of art history, but it reflects the unique position of this nation built up with various backgrounds and cultures, through the mixture of those myths and religion that symbolized and embodied the possibilities of human nature and its physical and spiritual capabilities. It decorated those buildings in New York that tells the bold stories of its coming.

The entrance, Chrystler Building

But soon the iron, the icon of the industrial revolution, and the railroads, the backbone infrastructure to support developing the city growth, found the end of their glorious days and gradually handed in their roles to others. Such edges of New York--those landmarks--are quietly remained in some places, where the tracks and traces of such glorious days of the past and the people are left behind. Those ruins sank in the dailight, and a spilled light casted deep shadows.

Old rail station, Liberty State Island, New Jersey. Thousands of immigrands arrived at New York and accepted at Ellis Island as new citizens left to the cities of the US from this station


Gradually skyscrapers had turned to the rational, efficient system rather than the form of a dream, it faces the day of 9/11 in 2001. The steady and constant steps to build up history might have had been lost somewhere, sometime, along with the spiritual wealth and supporting dreams and hopes. The remained iron cross at Ground Zero might be telling us something quietly but strongly.


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