Past of Beirut


My stay in Beirut was accidentaly overlapped with the struggle in Tripoli and the bomb explosion (terror attack?) in Beirut central area.

The struggle with Hezbollah has been continuing for some time now, and the police/military has been place on alart in Beirut also. The bomb explosion put on an increased level of alert especially at night, that you see the barricated on the streets here and there with the police/military personels querying the drivers and pedestrians. It appeared that people were tying to stay inside of the houses.

The turquoise blue mosque stands and contrasts with the blue sky of Beirut. However, once look around you see the red beret police personel or the soldiers on the anti-aircraft tanks

As you move around the city, you find the remains of the scars, left from the past struggles. However, you also see almost the equal numbers of Christian churches and Isramic mosques as the sign of co-existence and cooperation in the long history of Lebanon

I managed to get out from Beirut.

I further traveled to the West and reached to istanbul.
The rulers of this city has been changed so often, and everytime the power collided, merged and often co-existed. That can be felt in the air of this city--as you pass through the small passage coming down from the European atmosphere of the street side to the gulf shore, you may find the anacatesthesia in a drifting time, loosing the sense of time separating the past and current moment. The bold day light casting at the corner of the passage, and the squeak of the rail by the city tramcar suddenly bring you back to the reality of this moment, of this city.

What you would see beyond this daily scenery of the town--it is the moment you realize with such notion, when the reality of your mind is separated from the surrounding

The strong daylight flashes on your mind to impress the scenery of the passage, as if the scenery remains on your mind as a slow motion flash back

With the morning light, the daily lives of people and the ordinally day just begins again for everyone. And the sunset and the resounding of Koran will bring the end of the day, or probablly it would even make us feel that is the quiet and calm end of everything. And this appears like the eternal repetition of the beginning and the end without changing its path from the past to the future.

The city scape of Istanbul illuminated by the morning sun. Seemingly European, but it is yet very Istanbul, color of the air


The people who head for the work begin to move the air of the morning

The busy and vivid full dressing of the low income area

No shade on the faces of children


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