In praise of light and shadow

One of the main theme of this blog is to reveal that "a subject" is not externally existing, but internally realized. To do so, we might have to not just capture what is reflected in your mind, but to throw your mind--in other words, to recognize the crossing point between the reflected thing and your approaching mind. In case of photography, we begin to see the depth of the world in front of us through the photographic media, while we achieve the way of finding the tangent point of yourself to the world by departing from such crossing point. That is where the coincident and inevitability meets.


As I opened the door of a bookshelf, the door shook the light and shadow as if it turns them inside out. It took my breath away and stopped my hand of opening the door--then a ray of twilight refracted by the door was projected on the ceiling.


It was a tense moment, inserted within the hanging shade.


The light gradually dicipates into the shade by repeating a reflection and a refraction. But the afternoon light allows to feel the calm waves of diffraction.
Light and shadow--is not black and white. The dramatic contraposition of darkness and lightness is renditioned by the abyss of gradation that exists between the two. Junichiro Tanizaki's "In praise of light and shadow" might have tried to represent the merging point of western culture and eastern culture in such expression.


The sun rises and sets. Those objects gradually lap the shade in twilight, while waiting for the moment to be illuminated and reflect luminescence to the quiet space.


That is a space filled with tensity. The intense atmosphere reveals that a space is not just a simple relationship between void and mass.


However, the tense air shimmers with a transient light. It reminds me of a quantal field of endless appearance and disappearnce, and the shimmering primal ocean before the birth of this universe.

Click to enlarge. One day I was watching a movie in my room and accidentaly I placed my glass in front of the projector. That moment the image disappeared and refracted into the space in bars and blocks of light. Those lights were casted on the wall, expressing the transforming light and colors. Breathtaking moment...

Click to enlarge. You may access to the video version of this photo from the link bellow. Vidoe version shows more of the transition of beautiful light and colors.


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