Itaro Carvino "Invisible Cities" II. Zemulude

"What gives the forms to the city of Zemulude is the mood of the one who sees it. When one leisurely whistle and look up in the melody, one will know Zemulude in the shapes of bottom to up. In other words, those are oriels, curtains waves in the breeze, fountains"

Looking up the facade of a church. Its surface is all covered in a detailed pattern, which absorbes the eyesight without slippage. Still, there is a blue sky as I look futher up

It is mandate to attach fire stairs to a low rise apartment in New York. It might be a legacy of an iron age and most of the fire stairs are in cast iron, but its details and patterns transforms a typical facade into a lively, energetic surface.

An apartment in West Village. It has an exquisite faced, balnced well between the texture of the old bricks revealed from the peeled stucco and the delicate decolation of the fire stairs. New York has an image of new city, but most of the buildings are still in classical atmosphere

Looking into a small courtyard from a gate. Well, "9 1/2 as an address shows the sense of American, rather than New Yorker's

A reflected light of the opposite side of this building was casted on the facade of soft limestone. But looking at it closely, the pediments on top of the windows are in crazy patterns, which show the sense of humor.---However, nobody noticed with such small detail thing, and the afternoon light without harshness softly plays with the facade

"If one walks on the street while burrying his jaw onto the chest and cutting his nails hard into his hands, his sight crawls onto the ground and meets with puddles, grilled manhole, or wastepaper. It is impossible to say that an image of a city is more true to others. Therefore, those who listen to the upward shapes of Zemulude are the ones who are remembering the other image as they are burried in the downward Zemulude, and who goes through the same route and find the grouch of yesterday hardened and clagged under the wall in the morning"

Speechless fire plug now reveals its existence with a long shade

The heavy iron pannel placed on the road construction sounds more like an image of a city rather than a smooth paved street. They are as if bandages and patches of a city--and the treadmark that someone left on top is also, the sign of a city and people

The structure revealed under renovation, and the digged down ground tells the past

"For anyone, the day will come when one looks down along with the rain gutter in the evening and can not look away from the paved stone. Although the chance of the other way around is not removed, it is rare. Then now we rove around the city of Zemulude while we slips our sights under a cellar, a foundation base, or a well"

The stone ground quietly reflecting the history, as it is kept polished by people stepping on top. And the blunt light of an iron piece produced by human hands. What mediates them is the red brick, which is also decaying

Another version of previosly upped photograph. After a short thunderstorm of a summer day, a blue sky is seen through. A puddle, the oil of a parked car, a quietly standing building, a breeze going by



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