Machine and hands

The photos today and for the next entry are taken when I visited a wooden furniture factory in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The visit left me various impressions, but the most striking was its atmosphere as if it were left in time. The factory still hang and show the propaganda like posters and paints on the wall, even with the relief of Lenin. The interesting thing is that the slogan of the Soviet "work and community" has transformed from the representation of propaganda to the craftsmanship of the hand work, with the aid of the old but trusty mechanical machines. It was the actual goal and dream of such Soviet propaganda--and in Central Asia, which had been somewhat away from the "center of Soviet Union," filtered out the cons of such propaganda, and practiced the slogan in the purest form--probably.


As if the old baseball banner of a team


Lenin is still left in Central Asia

Quiet entrance of a factory space


As if the time has stopped passing--the reflection on the glasses might be the current, or the past

The frame of the chair is put up one by one by hands

lady who has been supporting the family the society, works by hands in the most efficient form


The delicate combination of the wooden roof and the cast iron roof truss

The truck designed in Soviet era has a very cute face like a human

The wood dry bins have been used intensively, with the history accumulated on the doors and the walls



Kyrgyzstan 2. Bishkek

We stayed at Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, for a short period of time as we accessed to Naryn. But I could take a short walk around the hotel to feel the atmosphere of the suburban area of the city.

The city was developed in Soviet era with clear urban planning, with wide streets and beautiful street side trees. It does not have much bold statement, but once we stepped away from the center of the city with beaurocratic buildings, there is a quiet town with small but nice houses.

I found an abandoned house, and I stopped walking for a while.

The Red Star is now lost its color paint. Soviet has left, and the residents might have left, too.

The next house is also abandoned, but it seems there were people until recent.

It feels nostalgic--it is a previlege of a light-minded traveler.

Those bricks had to be stack up one by one. Such trace of hands will always remain afterwards.

A past is revealed behind the plastered, covered wall.

When people leave, what's left is an offhand object.

It seems that someone is living here. A sense of humor is visible in that hand-made feeling.

The notion of "nostalgy" is also derived from the crafty built of those houses. It is clearly different from what is "mass produced" today.

Those small windows reveal the sensibility of the people here.


It made me smile, somehow--I felt a sense of humor, and sensitivity at the same time.

I found a beautiful house.

In English word, "cozy" is used in case of "comfortable, relaxed, warm, kind, friendly, easy, at-home, etc." This word can be used when a house or a space is based on the lifestyle of the people who live in, and when a good relationship is built betweent the resident and the space. Is this word applicable for the today's Japanese architecture and houses,,,?

A house is not a product, but a sinage to tell the lives of people, and a space to hold such lives within it.


In praise of light and shadow

One of the main theme of this blog is to reveal that "a subject" is not externally existing, but internally realized. To do so, we might have to not just capture what is reflected in your mind, but to throw your mind--in other words, to recognize the crossing point between the reflected thing and your approaching mind. In case of photography, we begin to see the depth of the world in front of us through the photographic media, while we achieve the way of finding the tangent point of yourself to the world by departing from such crossing point. That is where the coincident and inevitability meets.


As I opened the door of a bookshelf, the door shook the light and shadow as if it turns them inside out. It took my breath away and stopped my hand of opening the door--then a ray of twilight refracted by the door was projected on the ceiling.


It was a tense moment, inserted within the hanging shade.


The light gradually dicipates into the shade by repeating a reflection and a refraction. But the afternoon light allows to feel the calm waves of diffraction.
Light and shadow--is not black and white. The dramatic contraposition of darkness and lightness is renditioned by the abyss of gradation that exists between the two. Junichiro Tanizaki's "In praise of light and shadow" might have tried to represent the merging point of western culture and eastern culture in such expression.


The sun rises and sets. Those objects gradually lap the shade in twilight, while waiting for the moment to be illuminated and reflect luminescence to the quiet space.


That is a space filled with tensity. The intense atmosphere reveals that a space is not just a simple relationship between void and mass.


However, the tense air shimmers with a transient light. It reminds me of a quantal field of endless appearance and disappearnce, and the shimmering primal ocean before the birth of this universe.

Click to enlarge. One day I was watching a movie in my room and accidentaly I placed my glass in front of the projector. That moment the image disappeared and refracted into the space in bars and blocks of light. Those lights were casted on the wall, expressing the transforming light and colors. Breathtaking moment...

Click to enlarge. You may access to the video version of this photo from the link bellow. Vidoe version shows more of the transition of beautiful light and colors.


Itaro Carvino "Invisible Cities" II. Zemulude

"What gives the forms to the city of Zemulude is the mood of the one who sees it. When one leisurely whistle and look up in the melody, one will know Zemulude in the shapes of bottom to up. In other words, those are oriels, curtains waves in the breeze, fountains"

Looking up the facade of a church. Its surface is all covered in a detailed pattern, which absorbes the eyesight without slippage. Still, there is a blue sky as I look futher up

It is mandate to attach fire stairs to a low rise apartment in New York. It might be a legacy of an iron age and most of the fire stairs are in cast iron, but its details and patterns transforms a typical facade into a lively, energetic surface.

An apartment in West Village. It has an exquisite faced, balnced well between the texture of the old bricks revealed from the peeled stucco and the delicate decolation of the fire stairs. New York has an image of new city, but most of the buildings are still in classical atmosphere

Looking into a small courtyard from a gate. Well, "9 1/2 as an address shows the sense of American, rather than New Yorker's

A reflected light of the opposite side of this building was casted on the facade of soft limestone. But looking at it closely, the pediments on top of the windows are in crazy patterns, which show the sense of humor.---However, nobody noticed with such small detail thing, and the afternoon light without harshness softly plays with the facade

"If one walks on the street while burrying his jaw onto the chest and cutting his nails hard into his hands, his sight crawls onto the ground and meets with puddles, grilled manhole, or wastepaper. It is impossible to say that an image of a city is more true to others. Therefore, those who listen to the upward shapes of Zemulude are the ones who are remembering the other image as they are burried in the downward Zemulude, and who goes through the same route and find the grouch of yesterday hardened and clagged under the wall in the morning"

Speechless fire plug now reveals its existence with a long shade

The heavy iron pannel placed on the road construction sounds more like an image of a city rather than a smooth paved street. They are as if bandages and patches of a city--and the treadmark that someone left on top is also, the sign of a city and people

The structure revealed under renovation, and the digged down ground tells the past

"For anyone, the day will come when one looks down along with the rain gutter in the evening and can not look away from the paved stone. Although the chance of the other way around is not removed, it is rare. Then now we rove around the city of Zemulude while we slips our sights under a cellar, a foundation base, or a well"

The stone ground quietly reflecting the history, as it is kept polished by people stepping on top. And the blunt light of an iron piece produced by human hands. What mediates them is the red brick, which is also decaying

Another version of previosly upped photograph. After a short thunderstorm of a summer day, a blue sky is seen through. A puddle, the oil of a parked car, a quietly standing building, a breeze going by


Itaro Carvino "Invisible Cities" I

City and memories 3 Zaira

"----to illustrate what is Zaira today includes all the past of Zaira. However, a city does not speak out of its past, its history is hidden and wirtten on every single segments such as a curb stone, a grating of a window, a handrail of a staircase, a lightning rod, a pole of a flag like lines on a palm---and even on the scrabbles, saw marks, chisel marks, hammered marks on them"

The iron age of Manhattan is left in SOHO. The lined up iron rivets lusted and dulled shows a different kind of beauty from 'refinement.' Those hand blown old glass windows were reflecting distorted images as if they were showing the different images of the city

The window frame painted over and over is again peeling off. It frames a different time and space inside from the one outside where I stand. Countless number of niches to connect this side and that side are scattered around in the city

City and desire 2 Anastasia

"----A city exists just as a whole, and I think that any kind of deisre should not be lost as we form the part of those desires. Even if we are not participating but the city is blessed with those desires, only thing we can do is to be satisfied with those desires as habitats. A delucive city of Anastasia provides such power, the power which can become damned or blessed one. If we become workers to curve out Lapis lazuli or bead or jade and work eight hours a day, this laber that gives form to desire comes from desire, and if we believe we can receive satisfaction from the whole of Anastasia, the reality is that we are just the slaves of Anastasia"

An art installation alongside of a SOHO street. The contrast between the iron lines that dicipates in bright light and the lines dimmly illuminated in shadow made me dizzy and took me into a daydream

Antique clocks captured in a showcase. They have clocked different times for different owners, but now they all show the flow of time overwrapping each other

City and sinage 1 Tamara

"-----finally the journey reached to the city of Tamara, and we go into the street with jumbling sinage on the walls of the houses. Our eyes don't see the object, but the figure of what it means....even if the building does not have sinage or images, its building shape or the position within the order of the city functions the same. Such as an istana, a confine, a mint bureau, a brothel, etc...Even those merchandises sold on the high pitch are not showing the objects themselves but have the values as indications of something else. A framed girdle with needleworks means grace, and a gilded silk drapery means power, a liber of Averoes means wisdom, an anklet wrapped around means unbridled.
Peopel come out of Tamara without knowing what kind of city is there, and what it hides and conseals under the elaborate sinages and figures. Outside of the city spreads out the terrene to the horizen, with wide open sky with floating clouds. Peopel are already absorbed in reading the shape of the clouds produced by chance and wind, trying to see the figure one after another----'that is a sailboat, and that is a hand, and that is an elephant'....."

Those images growing up into the sky without any interruption seem to be like mirage


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